Reliance Industries Rights Issue announced - Use it or not?

Reliance Industries has announced the biggest rights issue in India till date, on April 30, 2020.

This issue is only for existing shareholders of Reliance. For every 15 shares held by a person, he can get one additional share at the price of ₹ 1250/-.
Now considering that on April 30, RIL shares closed at the price of ₹ 1457/- this rights issue is at a 20% discount.

The question that is being asked is - Should you go for it? (If you are an existing investor or someone renounces his/her rights to you?)

I am not a shareholder in Reliance, so my thoughts here are as an analyst.

Right now, Reliance is in a dominant position, and it is also moving towards its goal of being debt-free by the end of the current financial year. The leadership is working well to make the best use of existing and emerging sectors of the Indian market. From this perspective, this is a good buy.

Now shall you take the benefit of rights issue or renounce it (or leave it as it is), is a choice that can be made by the coming week, when we also get to know more details about the record date of this right issue.